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+Where is the construction?

The construction is underway; In Shekvetili, near the recreation area, opposite to the Black Sea Arena, in a forest grove. 150 meters from the sea, in the second lane.

+At what stage is the construction?

Construction has started, frame works are underway.

+When is the construction completed?

Construction in Shekvetili will be completed in the fall of 2022.

+Do you fit in the schedule?

Given the current pace, it is possible to complete construction even ahead of schedule..

+How many buildings are being built in total?

Three buildings will be built.

+When will the buildings be put into operation?

The building will be put into operation as soon as the construction process is completed, in accordance with the rules established by law.

+In what condition do you hand over the apartment?

The apartment is fully furnished, equipped with furniture and appliances.

+Is it possible to buy an apartment not renovated?

It is not possible, all of the apartments will be fully renovated.

+What kind of agreement is made between the owner and the company?

In case of lump sum payment, you automatically become the owner of the apartment, which is confirmed by a contract certified in the public register. And in case of internal installment, a pre-purchase agreement is concluded which is notarized. The customer becomes the co-owner of the subject of the contract.

+What is the facade like?

The facade is treated with ExPS, fully packed, the first segment is covered with Munich and then with natural basalt stone.

+How reliable is the construction?

Construction is carried out using the latest technologies, built with certified materials protected by regulations. All paragraphs of Resolution 41 are also taken into account.

+How seismically stable is the building?

It is seismically designed for earthquakes of up to 8 in magnitude.

+What are the minimum and maximum squares?

Minimum - 25.2 sq.m. Maximum - 64.5 sq.m. At the request of the buyer, it is possible to combine the apartments.

+Do you have after delivery service?

Yes, we have further services.

+What are the payment terms?

The customer is given the opportunity to choose from three payment options: 1. Lump sum payment; 2. Internal installment; 3. Bank installment.

+How much does a square meter cost?

The prices start from $ 900 per square meter, the cost varies depending on the view and the location of the apartment.

+What is planned in the vicinity of the construction site?

The amenities on the territory of the aparthotel are: a recreation area, a swimming pool, a seating area, an entertainment area for children and also an isolated space for our four-legged friends.

+How much is the advance payment?

20% of the total cost of the apartment.

+Do you have an internal installment plan?

Yes, the customer can use the interest-free installment plan until the construction is completed.

+What is the benefit of a single payment?

In case of a single payment, a 10% discount is provided.

+Which bank do you serve and what are the offers from the bank?

TBC Bank - a joint campaign of Topline and TBC Bank, buy an apartment with the help of the bank and enjoy a 6-month 0% offer.

+What documents do I need for internal installment?

Only ID card is required.

+Is it possible without advance payment?

It is not possible to buy an apartment without a down payment.

+Can we pay on the spot?

Yes, on-site payment is possible.

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